There may be some certain points in an older adult"s life where they may need to move to a retirement home, downsize to a smaller place or move into your new home.

Older adults are a bit sensitive and emotional so, they need some extra care to support them through the whole process such as packing and choosing the best moving company in Jacksonville, FL.

Show kindness and consideration.

Being kind is important to make them feel comfortable. You must keep in mind that their eyesight and strength is not like what it"s used to. It"s an excellent idea to help sort and pack as it would be difficult for them to accomplish alone. They can"t do any lifting and it"s your job to lift boxes into a designated area.

Try not your best to criticize and be more patient as moving can be complicated for anyone. They can be easily agitated as well if you push them in doing something they don"t want to. Ask them if they feel tired and always be positive about the way you say it.

Help in organizing items.

Firstly, you need to help them plan as early as possible. Most seniors would not easily get rid of belongings and would keep things which they don"t necessarily need. You need to be gentle in suggesting when it comes to letting go some possessions. Ask them if they are still using it and if it would be okay to donate it. You can also recommend a garage sale to get some extra cash for the new home.

It might not be easy to convince them, but if they have some supportive people to help them, they can change their minds more accordingly.

Take pictures of their home.

Photos of their home can be a guide to help you arrange their new home to give a familiar feel. You can be detailed from arranging the furniture, family pictures on the wall and so on.

Settling down in a new place can be difficult, but if they are surrounded with familiar items, it would be easier for them to adjust.

Get a layout of their room.

You can tell the older adults an idea of how much space their new space has if you show them the floor plan. This will also help convince them in giving away some possessions that would not fit.

Another perfect idea is to let them see the actual place (if it"s near and if they can travel to it).

Do it step by step.

Let the seniors accomplish small tasks and ask them what they"d like to do. Starting small can help them adjusting through the moving process.

Seek professional help.

If you can"t find the time to help your parents in organizing and packing, you can hire a moving company to get the job done at a quicker pace. Choose a cross country mover who specializes in moving seniors and making it a comfortable experience for them. But, don"t just choose any mover. Always ask if they know how to deal with older adults and if they have any special packages about their situation. You need to do some background check online or dropping by their office to see if they are the real deal.

Get the best service that your parents deserve to get. You wouldn"t want them to be victims of any scams that lurk around the corner.

Show them patience.

Give them time to say goodbye to every sentimental corner of their house. Understand that they have some cherished memories in their previous house and they need a moment to let them go eventually. Your parents have been patient with you since you were a little kid and it"s your time to show the same for all those years of care.


House moving involves a lot of physical activities which means there is more possibility that you will get injured. One of such injuries is back injury since it is one of top five work-related injuries. The back injuries that result in disability are no joke for workers who lose work hours or personal activities. The sad truth is that most pain and lost time can be avoided if you know how the back works and how to lift heavy objects to protect your back safely.

One of the inevitable task when moving house is lifting heavy objects. If people who lift heavy items for a living sometimes get their back injured, how much more for people who seldom lift heavy weights. Even though you will hire local movers, there will still be occasions that you have to lift heavy items yourself. There are a lot of heavy things that you will encounter during the move. It could be the obvious heavy objects such as appliances and furniture to an un-assumingly simple box that weighs 40 to 50 kilos. When I moved house, local movers near me handled most of the heavy lifting.

It is important to know the proper and safe way of lifting heavy items to avoid getting your back injured. Also, it is not only heavy items that can hurt your back. If you have improper lifting technique, even lighter items can cause back injury.

The back is a fragile network of ligaments, muscles, and discs that can be easily injured. The complex design of the back stops working properly when forced to run into activities for which it was not designed. Heavy lifting with bent back is an easy way to stretch a muscle or breaking a disc of the spine. One way risk injuring the back is to lift heavy or bulky object improperly or unassisted. Don"t hesitate to ask for help to lift objects that you know you cannot safely lift alone. Lift heavy objects using good judgment and with the aid of a friend or mechanical equipment such as a trolley when necessary. Orange Park, FL moving companies have a variety of lifting devices that make moving heavy objects easier.

If you decide that you are capable of lifting a light load, make sure to lift the correct way.

Position yourself so you are closer to the base of the object. The goal is to lift using your feet, not your back.
Stand directly facing the object. Bend your knees and then squat when you are going to pick the object to be lifted. In this position, the back receives additional lifting power that the legs and arms provide.
Move closer to the object, because the backbone must act as a support column, and being near the object receives less effort.

Turn the object to have the longitudinal axis vertical so that the center of gravity is as high as possible from the ground.

When squatting, feet and legs should be pointing to the load, back straight, the worker must hold the load with both arms and stopped slowly by force with leg muscles. If it does not rise slowly, it is not being lifted safely.

A good way to distinguish between the correct and incorrect method is to practice lifting several times correctly. You will notice that using the correct method makes it is easier to lift the load, with less effort and more stability. Eventually, improper lifting of heavy things can cause injury and pain. You can hurt your back in a moment and it will take a long time to heal. With these tips, moving house will not only be easier, it will be safer as well. Other articles in this blog will provide you more house moving tips.

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Most of the people find moving from current home/office/business to a new place very stressful. One needs to plan lots for a safe home move. You have to plan for packing, moving, loading, unloading, unpacking and re-arranging. You have to find much time to accomplish these tasks.

Finding some moving companies in Palm Beach County can be a good start. But apart from finding and hiring a professional moving company, you have to do many tasks. One is packing. This article will show you some packing tips.

Moving is one of the most important processes, but also, one of those that carries more stress and the ideal is to prepare in advance and a good organization. So that all your objects arrive in the perfect conditions to your new house, you must pack them in the most convenient way and thus to avoid that they are broken, or they are damaged during the transfer.

Each item must correspond to a suitable type of packaging. It is necessary to make an appropriate packaging to reduce the risk of your shipment being damaged:

There is a need to take into account that the material is stable and rigid, the boxes that are reused can lose between 30% and 60% of their resistance.

Do not make packages with small dimensions. Instead, pack small items into larger boxes. The fewer boxes you have to transport, the less risk there is that one will suffer damages.

If there is more than one object in the box, wrap each separately so that they can not be damaged by them and completely fill in all the empty spaces.

The closure must be sturdy. Use strong seal better than adhesive paper or strings. This will prevent the box from opening.

When you keep the packaging of the original object, you must also re-pack it as a precaution, since its closure is usually not ready for transport.

Label all merchandise well. If the box has fragile content, they should indicate it. And it is very advisable to list and mark their content for a larger organization. Although a majority of moving companies in Palm Beach County are trained on item organization when loading and unloading, it is also good if you have labeled them in case you will forget.

You never know what you have until you have to make a move, so make sure to follow given tips so that everything arrives intact when unpacking.

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